Terms & Conditions

Article 1 (Definition of Terms)
1. "Exhibitor" refers to an exhibition participant, such as an individual, company, institution or group, who has submitted the stipulated participation contract for this Exhibition.
2. "Exhibition" refers to VAPE KOREA EXPO 2018.
3. "Host" refers to KINTEX, THE FAIRS, Korea E-cig Industry Association..

Article 2 (Application for Participation and Contract)
An individual or entity that wishes to participate in this Exhibition shall prepare and submit to the Host the participation contract and pay the entire participation fee for the execution of the contract to participate in the Exhibition. However, in the event that it is deemed that no display space is available or the exhibit is not appropriate for the Exhibition, the Host may refuse to accept the application for participation.

Article 3 (Assignment of Booth Location)
1. The Host will assign the exhibition booth according to the size of the booth, order of application and payment of participation fee, as well as the nature of exhibit.
2. The Host may change the assigned booth location, if it deems that such a change is necessary for the overall operation of the exhibition hall, considering space balance, traffic efficiency, exhibition effect, etc. Such changes will be made at sole discretion of the Host, and the Exhibitor may not claim compensation for the result of such a change.

Article 4 (Management of Exhibition Hall)
1. The Exhibitor shall exert its best effort to manage its own booth by displaying the exhibit specified in the application form and designating dedicated staff for management.
2. In the event that the Exhibitor exhibits any items differing from those specified in the application form or any items that are not appropriate for the nature of the Exhibition, or attempts to directly sell any items without the approval of the Host, the Host may order immediate suspension of booth operation or removal of the exhibit items. In such case, the participation fee shall not be refunded and the Exhibitor may not make a claim for damages.
3. The Host may restrict access to the exhibition hall by specified individuals, if deemed necessary.
4. The Exhibitor shall not assign nor transfer the assigned exhibition area to any third party, in whole or in part, without the written consent of the Host.
5. The Exhibitor shall operate and manage the exhibits within a scope that will not cause any damage to other exhibitors or visitors.
6. The Host may order removal of any exhibits that infringe on the intellectual property right of others.
7. The Exhibitor shall not change the original conditions of the exhibit hall by any acts, such as painting or nailing on the floor, ceiling or wall of the exhibit hall. The Exhibitor shall compensate the Host for any damages to its facilities by restoring them to their original condition.

Article 5 (Payment Terms)
1. The Exhibitor shall pay participation fee within seven 7 days from the submission of the contract. All the payment shall be made by August 10.
2. In the event that the Exhibitor fails to make payment within the specified date, the Host may terminate the participation contract and the Exhibitor shall not claim for refund of any paid participation fee.

Article 6 (Reduction of Booth Space and Penalty)
1. In the event that the Exhibitor cancels part of its booth space after submitting the contract, the Exhibitor shall pay penalty as specified in the following.
2. Cancellation by July 10 : (Canceled space/Contracted space)*(Total booth fee)*50%
Cancelation during July 11~Aug 11 : (Canceled space/Contracted space)*(Total booth fee)*80%
Cancellation from August 12 : (Canceled space/Contracted space)*(Total booth fee)*100%
3. The Exhibitor shall pay the above amount in addition to its final booth fee

Article 7 (Cancellation of Participation and Penalty) 1. In the event that the Exhibitor cancels its participation af
ter submitting the contract, the Exhibitor shall pay penalty as specified in the following.
2. Cancellation by July 10 : (Total booth fee)*50%
Cancelation during July 11~ Aug 11 : (Total booth fee)*80%
Cancellation from August 11 : (Total booth fee)*100%
3. In case the Exhibitor has already paid booth fee larger than penalty, the latter shall first be deducted from the former and the remaining amount shall be returned to the Exhibitor. In case the Exhibitor has paid booth fee smaller than penalty, the Exhibitor shall pay the additional amount.

Article 8 (Cancellation or Reschedule of Exhibition)
1. In case the Host decides to cancel the Exhibition, the Host shall refund all the participation fee back to the Exhibitor.
2. In case the Host cancels or changes the date of the Exhibition due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Host (such as fire, strike, earthquake, war, act of terrorism, construction, renovation projects, government regulation, public catastrophe, interruption of transportation or communications, unavailability of the exhibit facility, and any other force majeure), the Host, in its sole discretion, shall determine whether to refund to the Exhibitor its proportionate share of the balance of the aggregate participation fees received, and the Exhibitor cannot claim for more compensation.

Article 9 (Display of Exhibit)
The Exhibitor shall complete the entry and display of equipment and exhibits in the assigned booth space within the specified period.

Article 10 (Removal of Exhibit)
1. The Exhibitor shall not remove the exhibit before the end of the exhibition.
2. The Exhibitor shall remove all exhibits and equipment within the designated period. In case of delay in removal, the Exhibitor shall pay to the Host any costs and expenses borne by the Host.

Article 11 (Security, Risk Management and Insurance)
1. The Host shall take necessary security measures to protect the Exhibitors and visitors.
2. The Exhibitor shall take responsibilities for any damages and loss of the equipment and exhibits placed within the assigned booth space that may occur during the period of Exhibition or delivery/installation/removal of the exhibits.
3. In the event that the facilities of the Host or any third party within the exhibition hall has been damaged due to fire, loss or other accidents caused by the Exhibitor's intentional or negligent act, the Exhibitor shall be responsible for all compensation.

Article 12 (Fire Prevention Rule)
1. All equipment and materials within the exhibition hall shall be nonflammable and handled in accordance with the fire defense laws and regulations.
2. The Exhibitor shall take all necessary fire prevention measures upon the Host's request.

Article 13 (Supplementary Provisions)
1. The Host may establish supplementary provisions not specified in this document if necessary.
2. In such case, the supplementary provisions shall become integral parts of this document, which the Exhibitor shall comply with.
3. The Exhibitor shall comply with all regulations of KINTEX.

Article 14 (Dispute Resolution)
Any dispute arising between the Host and the Exhibitor with respect to the interpretation of this document or any dispute in connection with the rights and obligations of both parties shall be governed by the arbitration of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Center, and the decision of arbitration shall be final and non-actionable in a court of law.

I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the above Terms & Conditions.

Special Terms

1. Prohibited to exhibit
- All products containing nicotine(including synthetic nicotine, stem nicotine, cigarette)
- Products containing marijuana or cannabis (including CBD oils, powdered products, etc.)

2. Prohibited to sell
- Items prohibited for exhibition under Paragraph 1.
- All Liquids and cigarettes (Including the products that do not contain nicotine)
- E-Cigarette Machines and batteries that have not obtained KC safety certification, a confirmation under the Electrical Appliance Safety Management Act.

In order to inspect the prohibited items above, exhibitors must cooperate with investigation team at any time. In case of violation of the Special Terms, the exhibit booth will be dismantled immediately and the participation for the exhibition will be canceled without any refund.

We accept the entry conditions and special terms above.

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Exhibit Description

* Prohibited to exhibit & sell in exhibition hall : All products containing nicotine.

* Prohibited to sell in exhibition hall : E-cigarette devices or batteries without KC safety certification. (Allowed to exhibit)

* Prohibited to sell in exhibition hall : All liquid products not licensed by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. (Allowed to exhibit)

Cost of Participation (1booth: 3m x 3m = 9m2)

Unit Cost Quantity Total cost
Space Only
USD $2,300/1booth USD $
Standard Booth
USD $2,700/1booth USD $
Premium Booth
USD $3,000/1booth USD $
Total Cost
- USD $

*Account : National Agricultural Cooperative Federation NH Bank (1218-01-000795) / Swift Code : NACFKRSEXXX / Beneficiary : KINTEX

*Total Cost must be paid for clarifying application